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Our Wine


Only fruit sourced from our vineyard is used to produce our wines. After our first vintage of a mere fifty cases in 2004, we are now in a position each year to present two cuvees of Pinot Noir and also two of Riesling.

The way in which we put our wines together from vineyard to bottling is determined by the vintage and the resultant quality and quantity.

Of the Pinot Noir, our Thomas Nicholas when allowed by quantity and quality is composed of a minimum of 85% of clone 2051. This occurred in 2006 and 2008 and hopefully again in 2013. The style is defined by rich fruit and smokey but restrained oak. Designed for immediate drinking it will age very well. In all other years this wine is a considered blend of all 9 clones in the vineyard.

Our first wine is the Benjamin Daniel and is blended now selectively from the best barrels culminating in 2012 with 3 only barriques being used to make our first reserve wine, the Benjamin’s Reserve. We intend to continue this approach into the future and to include the reserve wine in magnum unfiltered and with extra barrel age.

After a slow start we are now making good quantities of Riesling. The Ella Mae is our dry style varying year to year in order to express the vintage and the best flavour spectrum and balance. We taste test from vine to end of ferment to ensure the above. In addition we have a sweet style of Riesling made in the iced method, called Vespa, it attracts the same attention as the Ella Mae.

We want our red wines to be generous, but at the same time elegant if a bit reticent. We look for ripe fruit with soft tannins, a firm grip and long pure finish.All is supported by maturation in 25% new oak. These are wines to be savoured and thought about.

Our Rieslings exhibit all the classic aromas, nuance and flavour of the variety, tempered by the demands of the seasons. High on flavour and always with a long cleansing finish they are definitely more in the European mode than our big island counterparts.