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About Us

After a long and extensive search of south east Tasmania we purchased the vineyard site, previously a farm, in early 2000. Our selection criteria were proximity to markets, tourist routes, other vineyards as well as aspect, microclimate and water supply.
Located in a valley off the hamlet of Tea Tree, just ten kilometres north-west of the historic town of Richmond, the vineyard is oriented north-south along the contours on a reasonably steep slope.

Establishment, including trellising, irrigation and planting, was very much hands on, except for major rock removal. All this was done in one year while we maintained full-time jobs.
Tea Tree is sufficiently inland to experience very cold winters but warm to hot summers, some two to five degrees warmer than Hobart. It is also a low rainfall area at 450 mm and subject to drought. In short, a tough site. The first vines were planted in 2001 with a second stage 18 months later adding up to 3 hectares.



Viticulturist and owner of Third Child Vineyard  |  John Skinner