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2016 is shaping up to be a great vintage. Despite the long dry spell the vines are healthy and bearing a good crop and we expect 9 tonnes of pinot from our 2 hectares. Early bud burst, perfect flowering and set have set up an early vintage in March rather than April. Veraison commenced some time ago and is now in full swing, time for the dreaded placing of nets, one of the worst jobs in our opinion. Typically the only thing stopping us doing this  is that rain has finally arrived and is forecast to stay around for the next few days. Despite this the vines are handling the situation well, no split or disease and thankfully our little terroir drains really well. Disease pressure during the season has been non existent. Cross fingers but bird pressure also at this stage also appears low, perhaps the drought has kept numbers down or they have gone off to greener pastures, silver eyes especially are just not around. We think also as for last year we are on top of our little mates the wasp. The 2015 vintage is still in barrel except for some material[ 2 barrels each of pressings and MV6 with a touch of 0013 and 0014] to  be bottled in a couple of weeks as an early drinking style under the Jack Ryan label, the second release of this style. Wine in barrel will be kept, subject to periodic tasting, until July and will form the basis for the other two cuvees.

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